Are you freaking kidding me?

Dear You and You and maybe You.

Your job does not make you who you are.  Being a “insert profession here” does not make you better than me or him or her.  How you treat me, the environment, strangers, dogs, cats, worms and insects define who you are.

When you speak that way you are talking to someone’s son, daughter, loved one.

So try to be good.  At the very least 50% of the time.  If not my Pug is going to come and bite your ass!


Today sucked…

Then I got home and saw my great place, talked to my daughter, had a doggie walk and I remembered what was important.

Its all in perspective,!

The 2010 Present List

I love American Apparel basic tshirts and leggings:






There are a few Gap staples that I cannot live without too!










Not usually in love with jewels but my favourite figure skater has designed a pendant for Birks.  So lovely:











Living and doggie walking in Vancouver, rain boots are a must.  Of course I love Hunters but they are way overpriced:







I am also really liking this new camera put out by Olympus:









For my lovely iMac:

A wireless mouse and keyboard!







The Sookie Stackhouse Series:


My Man


Call me Fitz

I am addicted to HBO tv shows/series.  Sopranos, Six Feet Under, True Blood and now Call me Fitz.  Jason Priestly, formerly of the original 90210 – and all around good Canadian boy – plays Fitz a shameless, whoring, unprincipled used car salesman.  Love it!

Canadian cable subscribers – You can see the full season for free under the Shaw On Demand Movie Central tab – for free.  Check it out and spend a lost weekend watching Fitz.  You won’t regret it!

Bad people

“It takes ten good people to combat one evil person.”  ~Joy Behar


Here we go again

I haven’t blogged for quite some time.

I think I may need to blog.  It seems to keep me on track.  Letting things in, getting things out.  Looking forward to catching up with my blogging friends once again.

You’ve been missed blogging world.

Do you remember Spirographs?

I loved these things as a kid.  This may make me sound old but I think that kids are losing out on developing their creativity because these types of toys are no longer cherished.  Just a thought.